PHASE V's corporate name underscores its corporate mission -- to provide the pharmaceutical industry with technologies necessary to undertake the fifth phase of drug development.


Phase V Technologies, Inc. is a small business specializing in information systems and technologies involving the collection, analysis and interpretation of health care data for outcomes research and management. Since 1987, Phase V has been providing its customers with solutions for evaluating the impact or new therapies, devices and disease management programs.

Clinical and Outcomes Research

Phase V's clinical and outcomes research services include strategic planning, design, conduct, evaluation, and analysis of clinical trials. As part of new drug and device development the Phase V® Outcomes Research System focuses on evaluating the effectiveness and acceptance of new therapies from the patient and health economic perspective. Employing the most current methods for evaluating clinical effectiveness, health status, quality of life and patient satisfaction, the company's research mission is to produce patient data of the highest scientific quality and integrity.

Clinical and Outcomes Management

By translating research into practice, Phase V targets payors and providers of health care services implementing disease management and quality of care improvement programs. The Phase V® Outcomes Management System uses the same type of technology which has been so successful in rigorous research, but tailors it to everyday practice for monitoring patients and the processes and outcomes of health care.